Different Types Of Casino Games That You Can Play On 389 Sports

Different Types Of Casino Games That You Can Play On 389 Sports

389 sports is an app that provides you a place to spend your tie and earn money. Here you can bet on sports like soccer, play casino games, slot games, and other games that you can play for passing your time. By login to login sbobet, you get incredible benefits such as bonuses and others.

You can withdraw all the bonuses into your account directly without any minion withdrawal amount. Here you can play and earn at the same time. In addition, they provide you various casino games that you might love to play. Some are card games, and some are machine games, while others are table games. Let us understand what the different games are and how to play these games.


It is a card game. In this game, the dealer and the player will be given two cards each. The card of the player will be one facing up and the other facing down. The upward-facing will be visible to everyone. The cards of the dealers are not visible to anyone; they are downward facing.

The primary aim of the game is to compete with the dealer, not with other players. After distributing the card, the dealer starts from his left and asks everyone whether they want to take the card or not. Then, based on the card’s total, the player decides whether they want to take the card or not. After that, every player will show their cards, and the total will be done on their card. The player or the dealer who is closer to number 21 or gets exactly 21 will win.

All the cards with numeric values will be counted as the number written on them. All the face cards will be treated as 11, and the ace is treated as per the circumstances. For example, if you need number 12 to be closer to 21, it will be treated as 12 other 1.


It is a table game with no maximum limit of number. In this game, you have to choose a number from 0 to 38. The dealer has a small ball which he will throw on the table. The table keeps on rotating. The small ball will stop on any one number. If you have selected that number, you are the winner; otherwise, someone else might have selected that number.

All roulette tables have three colors. Number 0 is colored with green rest of the numbers are colored with black and red in odd and even form. It is suggested by experts that never choose number zero.

Wrap up

So above mentioned are a few standard and most loved games that you can play on the 389 sports. For playing all these games, you have to login sbobet. By logging in, you can access various other games like pretty gaming, ion casino, and any other. These games are only offered by them, not any other gambling website. So to have fantastic gambling and sports betting experience, you must log in to 389 sports. It is a worthwhile website to spend your time on.

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